Donations for Vacations

The simple way to reach your donors online, find sustaining members, and receive donations year round

1000+ Donations Received

Receive Year Round Donations

You're no longer solely dependant upon a yearly in person event to raise donations. We help you connect with your donors anytime, offering them a way to support you year round.

Profit $500 - $1000 per Donation

The travel packages displayed in your online travel store will allow your organization to receive a $500 - $1000 donation every time a donation is made.

Find Sustaining Members

Don't limit your organization to a single in-person event each year. Reach your donors where they're spending the most time, online.

Completely Risk Free

There is no risk to you to get started. We manage your travel store, handle all customer service requests, and book travel for your donor.

No Hidden Costs

There are NO hidden costs. We manage everything for you and you keep the $500 - $1000 profit per donation received (less our consignment fee).

Fully Managed for you

We completely manage your travel store and answer all your donor's questions. You simply submit an invoice after a package is sold and we take it from there.

Quick and Easy Setup Process

Get up and running very quickly. Simply click the button above to get started.

Packages are Fully Transferable

Donors can transfer their travel package to anyone with no fees. Packages also make amazing gifts and holiday presents.

Amazing Value for Your Donor

You donor receives the same unbeatable customer service and travel packages that you've always received from us.

We've worked with Charity Getaways for years and have always appreciated their outstanding customer service and high quality travel packages. I definitely recommend them!
For auction planners seeking family-friendly vacations (sleep 6) for a full week-long stay AND an affordable price tag, I’ve found Charity Getaways to have a broad selection of offerings. Though most planners opt for domestic trips, some opted for seaside Spain (pre-pandemic) and each one had an enthusiastic response from guests. One guest reported back that they spent the entire week exploring historical sites and never even walked to the beach!
Sherry TruhlarRed Apple Auctions
Charity Getaways is a wonderful company to work with for trip packages to sell in your event auctions! April is always quick to respond and offer suggestions on the trips that are best sellers and will work for our events. I love that the cost to the company is reasonable and we have always sold every package that we've offered. Overall, I highly recommend Charity Getaways!
April McGill with Charity Getaways is my go to provider for trustyworthy, reliable and valuable travel adventures and experiences. Without hesitation I recommend April to nonprofits, schools and foundations looking to maximize fundraising. With April and Charity Getaways you can be assured of a flawless process, priceless memories and increased revenue.
I am always so confident when I refer my clients to Charity Getaways. I know their trips and experiences will bring excitement to the fundraising event and will generate considerable income for the cause. Greg, April, and the customer support team always provide extraordinary service before and after the auction event.
Why should I join? I already have a successful event every year.

Donors are spending more time then ever online, especially in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Don't limit your organization to only a single in-person event each year. Reaching your donors online can only increase your chances of success.

Will this work for me? I don't really have an online audience.

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, we strongly encourage our partners to connect with their donors online. This can be accomplished through your website, social media, email, or even text messages. Staying on the minds of your donors can only increase your chances success.

How does it work?

It's very straighforward. We create a travel store for you and market your organization and your new store to your audience. When a donation is received, it's deposited directly into your account. You'll only need to create an invoice. We then take care of your donor as usual.

Is there a complicated setup?

Absolutely not. Setup is very quick and straightforward. Just complete our brief questionnaire and we'll have you up in running within a few days.

What are my costs?

There are no costs to you. After a donation is received, you submit an invoice to us in the same way you always have.

How do I get started?

Just click here to get started. We'll be in touch shortly after you submit your request.

Ready to reach your donors online and receive donations year round?

Our Mission

Donors are spending more time online than ever before. We created the donations for vacations program to help our partners find sustaining members and receive donations year round.

We aim to help our partner organizations maximize their donations received through continued support and innovation. Submit any feedback or suggestions you have here. We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you

~ Charity Getaways